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  • what’s wasting your budget?
  • Are you getting the best result and using all the opportunities?
  • Are you Bidding on the right keywords?

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Welcome To SEM Society. We are a Society of accomplished marketing professionals with a wealth of expertise and a proven track record. We provide strategic insights, creative planning, and solutions across diverse industries. We boast over 8 years of in-depth involvement in Marketing Management and have confident industry knowledge of marketing strategies and principles. Naturally, we have a quick grasp of new technologies and market trends, with the ability to formulate strategies, make decisions, and plan with confidence.
Kamran Sadri
CEO & Founder | SEM Society
There are so many other questions you may have, well if you are here I believe the answer can change everything and open many new opportunities or even save your business from loosing big part of your budget. If you don't know us I should say, It's many years that we spend +10 hours par day looking at Google Ads and Google Analytics data from so many different kind of Businesses and Accounts, It became a native language to us. we have worked with all kind of businesses and we are currently managing +$500K per month in ad spend.

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