Microsoft Advertising will replace Manual CPC with Enhanced CPC.

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Microsoft Advertising will replace Manual CPC with Enhanced CPC. Here’s what you need to know about the changes for your Bing Search Ad Campaigns.

In February, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Advertising) announced that they will be replacing Manual CPC with Enhanced CPC (eCPC). Microsoft Ads is set to migrate all existing campaigns that do not use the automated or semi automated bidding strategy to the new enhanced bidding system, which will apply to all search, shopping and Dynamic Search Ad campaigns.

So, what does this exactly mean? In the past, Manual CPC has allowed users to have direct control over how much they pay for clicks. eCPC still let you choose the bids but it will also automatically increase and decrease bids on target keywords depending on the whether a conversion is likely to happen. According to an analysis by Microsoft Ads, marketers who use eCPC increase their conversions by 5-10% while maintaining a low cost per acquisition (CPA).  

While this is a big move for Microsoft’s PPC, digital marketing experts predict that other major platforms, including Google, will likely follow suit in replacing Manual CPC with automated bidding. If you’re wondering how this will affect your marketing campaign, and how best to prepare – we have your questions answered.

What is Enhanced CPC?

Enhanced CPC is a bidding strategy which is designed to adjust CPC to help maximize conversions by automatically increasing or decreasing keywords bid depending on whether a conversion is likely to happen.

How will this affect my current Manual CPC advertising on Bing?

During the month of March, Ad campaigns which use Manual CPC will transition to eCPC. Starting from April 5th, new campaigns will no longer have the option of Manual CPC; and by April 30th, any new or existing manual campaigns will automatically convert to eCPC. Regarding costs, Microsoft has ensured that eCPC will accommodate all performance goals and will not exceed the maximum budget set by users.

What will I need to do?

If you exclusively use Microsoft Ads for Bing campaigns, and don’t have a consultant or an agency to help manage your PPC, now is the time to experiment and familiarise yourself with automated bidding. Microsoft has recommended that users start to test bid strategies with eCPC in order to find an automated bidding strategy that best helps you reach your PPC goals on Bing. If you would like more information about Enhanced CPC, you can visit Microsoft Advertising’s blog which has more details of the changes; or get in contact with a PPC marketing expert who can help guide you through the new changes and offer a personalised recommendation.

What does this mean for the future of PPC?

PPC marketing technology has evolved over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Experts in the field predict that is just the start of the gradual elimination of Manual CPC on all PPC marketing platforms, including Google. In short, the sooner you start to learn and understand how best to use automated bidding to your advantage the better position you will be in the long-term.


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