Welcome to SEM Society

Here it’s all about data and PPC. We are known as PPC Experts and even Data Scientists. Welcome to the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Society.

What It Means to Be a Google Premier Partner?

SEM Society has been recognized as being within the top 3% of Google Partners within the Google Partners program. This program is designed for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands and businesses. Its mission is to empower companies by providing them with innovative tools, resources, and support to help their clients succeed and grow online.

The Google Partners program has undergone significant changes for 2022, including redefining what it means to be a Premier Partner through new, advanced program requirements and offering new Premier Partner benefits to support growth and success with Google Ads.

We’re excited to be recognized as a 2022 Premier Partner and for being in the top 3% of partners. Achieving Premier Partner status is truly an accomplishment and distinguishes our company as a top performer to clients and the industry.

We Also Partner with Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Ads Partner-Badges-2022-Partner

The Microsoft Advertising Partner Program is a multi-level partnership loyalty program that rewards valuable partners and helps them stand out.  

Who is SEM Society?

We are a society of accomplished marketing professionals with a wealth of expertise and a proven track record. We provide strategic insights, creative planning, and solutions across diverse industries. We boast over 10 years of in-depth involvement in marketing management and have confident industry knowledge of marketing strategies and principles. Naturally, we have a quick grasp of new technologies and market trends, with the ability to formulate strategies, make decisions, and plan confidently.

What can we do?

We can do everything from helping start-ups launch their e-commerce journey to managing well-established advertising accounts spending tens of thousands of dollars in ad spend per month. We use raw data and we turn it to ROAS (return on ad spend). We create and build search, display, shopping and video campaigns, converting data into ROAS.

Search Advertising

Grow and expand your brand through powerful search networks.

Display Advertising

Expand your reach and connect with audiences and potential customers across the world with display.

YouTube Advertising

Drive brand growth, likes and subscriptions on the world’s most powerful online video platforms.

Google Shopping Ads

Drive revenue and increase growth with our expertly managed shopping campaigns.

App Promotion

Increase valuable interactions with your app. Gain new users with carefully planned advertising promotions. 

Funnel creation

We can understand and anticipate your customers’ journeys. Drive increased revenue and engagement through carefully planned funnel creation.

Some of our clients.